Author: VH Systems

Project: Anthura

Customer: Anthura
Subject: Container system
Cultivation: Young plants
Location: Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

Project: Stoll

Main contractor: Horconex
Project: Stoll
Subject: Mobile Guttering System
Cultivation: Head Lettuce
Area: 23,000m2
Location: Mathod, Switzerland

Project: Van Schie

Customer: Van Schie
Subject: Container system
Cultivation: Potted plants
Location: Honselersdijk, The Netherlands

Project: Gebr. Meier Gemusekulturen AG

Contractor & Customer name: Gebr. Meier Gemusekulturen AG
Subject: Mobile Gutter System
Cultivation: Head lettuce
Area: expansion of 12,000m2
Location: Buchs, Switzerland