Mobile Gully Systems (MGS)

Customer focussed:

  • Baby leafs

  • Teen leafs

  • Head lettuce

  • Herbs

With a mobile gully system, plants automatically move from the growing area to the harvesting area. During this process the crops get automatically the right plant distance. Depending on the final weight and growth pattern of the crop, VH Systems designs each MGS to meet the grower’s specific needs.

“Manual, semi or fully automatic container systems.“


Container Systems

Customer focussed:

  • Young Plants

  • Pot plants

  • Bulbous plants

  • Pot Herbs

  • Cannabis

  • Vegetables

  • Forestry

A grower can work as efficiently and innovatively as possible by using a container system. The use of this mobile container makes optimal use of the space in a greenhouse and ensures optimal cultivation capacity.

Based on investment, growing period of the crop and local labour costs we can choose for manual, semi or fully automatic container systems.

Grow Tables

Grow tables are available in fixed and rolling designs. They ensure a comfortable working height which creates a pleasant working environment.
The fixed tables are mainly used if you want to work with several people on both sides of the table.

The rolling tables allows you to increase your growing surface because the tables can be positioned without paths.

The grow tables are available with various types of bottoms such as a mesh-, aluminium- and plastic flood bottom.

Our Latest Projects

We are happy to help our customers through our internal logistics systems with a better way to grow. Here you can find our latest projects.

Container Systems

Project: Bunnik Plants

Costumer: Bunnik Plants
Subject: Container System
Cultivation: Potted plants
Area: 7.000 m2
Location: Bleiswijk, The Netherlands

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Container Systems

Project: Nourse Farms

Main Contractor: Havecon
Project: Nourse Farms
Subject: Container System
Cultivation: Young plants Soft fruit
Area: 20.000 m2
Location: Whately, Massachusetts, USA

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